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How to get the ohh and ahh by the pool

Without the fiasco of the summer body of cause.*wink wink

Okay let’s be real, body goals for that itty-bitty swimsuit is like a student asked to hand in homework after the summer holidays. Nine times out of ten it’s not going to happen. And that’s okay. Wearing a swimsuit or bikini by the pool or the beach is the embodiment of being unapologetically, you. That despite social expectations of what is a “swimsuit body” you more than comfortable with yourself to strut your stuff.

Feeling good, looking good. So much so when you pass your reflection you can’t help but ooh and ahh.

Having been insecure about my figure in my teen years and only beginning to appreciate my body now, in my twenties, let’s just say even wearing a one piece was like learning how to swim. From my wish list, to looking longingly at window displays, to finally purchasing a hand full, I finally took the plunge. Bought in 2016 and worn in 2018.

It’s not a matter of confidence but acceptance, loving every inch of your body enough to carter to it. As women we all have a feature or two that we are touchy about that when it comes to size we can be deceitful. Lying to ourselves. I’m guilty of it too, especially when it comes to my bust.

Sometimes we are so focused on the idealised image of ourselves, we forget our natural built and structure. That’s how we twist the dagger deeper and feel more insecure about our bodies. It is worth noting though we might partake in exercise, you know the whole squats, push ups shindig, it won’t change but rather improve our bodies. You will be toned but you remain solely you, not your idealised self.

This is something I have learnt when picking the right swimsuit. It means not seeing through rose coloured glasses when identifying your body type. Whether you’re a pear, an apple, oval, triangle, rectangle, it is worth double checking which figure you truly are.

The best guide is stylecraze.

For example, I’m petite but a top hourglass and to get the right the fit I have to mix and match. A full bust bikini top with a size 6 bikini bottom I have found works for me, but a size 6 swimsuit is dependent on the cut. A deep plunge with an open back is oddly supporting. So, explore!

But, and big but at that. Be wary of flimsy materials, especially if you are looking for support. Quality fabrics are worth every penny.

Once you have established what shapes and cuts are complimentary, the fun begins.

So, what’s trending?

The triangl craze has finally faded, but the Baywatch one piece is still relevant and with stripes in that’s a perfect combination. Take a peak.

misguided, swimwear, swimwear trends 2018
Missguided £20

Want something a little edgy, play around with different cuts.

topshop, swimwear topshop, swimwear trends 2018
Topshop £29

Besides the one shoulder look is in.

Pull & Bear, Pull & Bear swimsuits, swimwear trends 2018
Pull & Bear £19.99

Fancy a two piece instead?

H&M, H&M swimwear, swimwear trends 2018
H&M £12.99
H&M, H&M swimwear, H&M swimwear 2018
H&M £8.99

With the woven basket bags trending and the crinkle material making an appearance in every retail store, this is most certainly a killer look with a white beach kimono ( £32 ASOS)

Topshop, Topshop swimwear, swimwear trends 2018
Topshop £24
Zara, Zara beachwear, Swimwear trends 2018
Zara £29.99

And who would have thought crochet would make a comeback.

ASOS, ASOS swimwear, swimwear trends 2018
ASOS £19.50

You can never go wrong with high waist bottoms, and with the front tied bikini top trending this is a cute look.

H&M , H&M swimwear, swimwear trends 2018
H&M £14.99
H&M , H&M swimwear, swimwear trends 2018
H&M £12.99

But if you are not fussed with trends, the colours to look out for this season are lilac, bubblegum pink, cherry red, ultra violet, Cinderella blue and yellow.

Remember the secret to oohing and ahhing lies within.


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