Running Low? Time to recharge

The inspirational, Simon Whitehouse drew motivation from undergrads during a Q&A session where his tips proved to be instrumental to success. Whether you are twiddling your thumbs, contemplating giving up, or even anticipating your big break, a fresh perspective is in order. Let’s cast away those January blues.

The new year new me manifesto has already been binned, but let’s face it your midnight wish tends to last as long as a Netflix trial. However, there is a tactile way to achieve even the smallest of goals.

‘Don’t look at the tangible things, look at why.’

As stated by Simon searching for the reason why you want to achieve the goal you have set is the first step forward. A goal as simple as exercising regularly can be misconstrued. It’s not about the banging beach body, but rather about your happiness.

If you are losing sleep over anxiousness or you are constantly stressed or down in mood, exercising can be uplifting from the release of dopamine to a boost in energy, to handling life’s stressors better.

And speaking of stress, did you a know a little competition can be good for you?

‘It’s not back stabbing competition, it’s healthy competition were you push each other to be the best.’

Viewing competition between your fellow students or colleagues in this positive light is lightly to ensure character growth. So, someone has done well with an assignment or project don’t be resentful but learn from them. Ask them how they came to success, compare it to your given feedback to see how you can improve, and wallah you on the right path.

Now career paths can be bittersweet, especially when you are struggling with what you want to do in life. But fear not Simon has an antidote for that too.

‘To find or feeling what you want to do is an organic journey, no doubt you will get there.’  Sometimes it is a matter of being patient with yourself, or digging deep like Simon. ‘My parents influenced me the most. If you can find a real purpose for what you are doing, you are going very far in life.’

However, for those who have already had their light bulb moment and know what they aspire to be, have you ever tried visualising it?

‘Visualising where you want to be, it means you don’t accept failure.’

So, when it seems like you are not moving forward just simply visualise your end goal, and to continue to persevere. Remember,

‘do it or don’t it! Life is not about yesterday.’

You never know what’s in store for tomorrow, and in the least cliché way ‘be positive always.’ When you smile life treats you well, just look at the powerhouse Simon has become.

From graduate student who nearly got a first degree, he was resilient. Having worked for Diesel Black Gold, DKNY, Matthew Williamson, and his most recent venture, CEO of JW Anderson.

There’s no doubt Mr Whitehouse’s tips for success are your bread and butter for 2018.


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