LFW Mens: Tips & Trends for AW18

*Feature image from Charles Jeffrey, Loverboy’s Collection inspired by The Velvet Rage.


article 1.0
Left to right, Man, Band of Outsiders

Mens fashion week in London was like Mr Simms for the forward thinking. From Man’s walk questioning more than gender norms to Band of Outsiders’ charming teddy bear coat, to say the collections that hit the runway from the 6th to the 9th echoed progression is most certainly precise.



A promise for range for the fashion fanatics on a budget. Let’s tuck in.

The evolution of the man purse

article 2.0
From left to right, Drifters LDN, Craig Green, Blood Brother

The must have accessory. The bum bag has made a miraculous return, and continues to reign except in style. For this to be a successful accessory, how you wear it is critical.

Tip: Think of it as a cherished necklace, your favourite belt? How would you accessorise it?

For example, a brown leather bum bag strapped across your chest, on a rust orange jumper that is neck high, paired with black tailored trousers and Dr. Martins, preferably black or burgundy, and finished with or without a beret, is simple but playful. Yet what makes the outfit snazzy is the bum bag.

Retailing from as low as £10 ASOS has a range of mens bum bags.

Smart meets Street 

article 3.0
From left to right Blood Brother, D-Gnak

Would have thought hoodies, varsity jackets, and tuxedo blazers would merge together to create such an edgy look. An aspect to take from this is to experiment with two opposing styles.

Tip: Start simple. Gentleman meets street style for an instance, the key here would be to explore shapes and fitting. A pair of wide leg trousers, preferably to the ankles with a drop crotch, let’s say denim matched with a white long T shirt, plus some platform brogues, loafers or creepers, a camel overcoat, and finished with a fisherman beanie.

If this is more to your taste an honourable mention, Nick Wooster.

A dash of colour

article 4.0.png
Casely’s Hayford London Fashion Week AW18

Casely Hayford’s use of bright coloured jumpers was subtle yet effective. The bright coloured jumpers were complimentary to the cool shades.

Tip: Given the colour for the season is orange, you can be subtle with a burnt orange jumper or shouting with a tangerine puffer.

Cutting edge element: Fabric choice

article 5.0
From left to right Drifters LDN, Velsvoir, Christopher Raeburn
article 5.1
2. From left to right Blood Brothers, Velsvoir, Edward Crutchley

The fabric choice from the designers was very innovative, from felt to wool to suede on unexpected styles, coats and jackets for autumn/winter 18 were cutting edge.

Tip: Having items with different materials are a necessity in any man’s wardrobe. It gives depth and character to your outfit. Challenge yourself, pick a jacket or coat that you are fear you never be able to rock this winter as a trial period.

Remember styling is key you can make anything look good, as stated by brand Drifters LDN ‘there is beauty in everything.’

From the runway to the rack

article 6.0
From left to right, Chaylayan, A-Cold-Wall, Chin Menswear Int’l

To see experimental cuts on jumpers, coats and shirts would be a glimmer of hope. What items would you like to inspire menswear on the high street?



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