street style SS18

What’s trending? Smartwear

Tis the season for layering, jumpers on jumpers, oversized hoodies, tights under jeans, but this time it’s trouser suits in season, checked blazer, and oversized coats. The Suit has been dominating on the runway as well as on the streets during fashion weeks, it’s like the 70s, with flared trousers and two-piece suits, so it is a very exciting time for me, because it’s like we are celebrating liberation.

street style SS18
From left to right, Simon Chetrit, and Victoria Adamnson.
SS18, suit, Celine, Calvin Klein
From left to right, Lemaire, Celine, Calvin Klein.

Here is a little history, women actually began wearing trousers in 5th century BC, and they were Scythian warriors that fought alongside men. Now, I’m not sure if it was because trousers were associated with warfare, cough cough, “masculinity”, or if the Greek soldiers were threatened by these females, that trousers became prohibited for women. And by prohibition, I mean back street prohibited, were it is both social suicide and a crime to wear trousers. Crazy, right?

But with world war one came liberation, women were somewhat able to express themselves in way that felt right for them and not society. The roaring 20s saw a new era, The Boyish Figure came into light, Coco Chanel was one of the first of many women to wear trousers and rock a short hair do. The 60s were stirring us towards modernisation, and the 70s embraced it all, with leisure suits, pantsuits, jumpsuits, and tracksuits for women!

So, it’s fundamental that us as women can tailor this trend to express our personas, as a form of celebration from the freedom of corsets. But first, a colour palette for autumn and winter. Note that when styling an outfit, colour coordinating is key. Whether you like being rainbow, like myself, or are strictly black, colour coordination makes all the difference .

autumn colour palette

Here are few examples of adding colour whilst following the trend.

colour fanatic finished

bonkers for brown and a hint of green

a dash of scarlet finished

Please note that you do not have to purchase the items if they are hurting your bank account, the good thing about retail is that you can always find alternatives, new look is a great start.  


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