NYFW: SS18 Trend Report and Review

So, it goes without saying, New York Fashion Week spring 2018 was epic! Honestly for me, hands down the best so far. You think I’m exaggerating? Well..

Rihanna debuted a full collection of Fenty Beauty on Thursday evening, 7th September, and later launched on the 8th. And it is truly, ‘Beauty For All’.

Rihanna Fenty Beauty
Fenty Beauty Launch party 7th September 2017

The makeup line is the definition of inclusive with 40 shades of foundation. Yes, 40! All accompanied with 20 shades of match stix, 10 shades of shimmer match stix, that can be bought individually or in a trio to conceal, contour, and highlight. Some basics like blotting powder, brushes, a makeup sponge, and even a universal lip gloss. If you are not fangirling yet, wait there’s more.

The Killawatt highlighters, will have you dazzling like a diamond in the sky. I know. I just went there.  But they are so pigmented, and there are 6 shades! I mean take a look at the picture of Rihanna wearing Trophy Wife to the launch. Tell me the golden hues of the highlighter don’t compliment her Oscar De La Renta two pieces?

Rihanna Fenty Beauty
Fenty Beauty Launch party 7th September 2017

Her vision for the brand was clearly met, here’s what she told a reporter during the launch. ‘I wanted a colour that looked good on all skin tones…They are so many different shades and undertones. You just never know, so you want people to appreciate the product, and not feel like, it only looks cute on her.’ So, there you have it, a makeup brand for everyone, and it’s not only reflected by the products, but the ambassadors as well.Check out the campaign for Fenty Beauty.

Speaking of representation, the runway for spring 2018 in New York was surprisingly diverse, so much so I’m praying London follows suit. Representation is so important, especially in the fashion industry. Being able to identify with someone in media does wonders for self esteem. Hence why when I saw Teyana Taylor slaying on the runway, I couldn’t help but grin. Being petite and having a big bust, to see Teyana shining in the spotlight was so refreshing. And for her to get there she needed to be booked, so thanks to a handful of designers, Teyana was able to represent. And boi did she deliver!

New York Fashion Week, SS18, Teyana Taylor
Philipp Plein ‘Good Gone Bad’ Spring 2018, New York Fashion Week.

Now onto the spring collection. I usually choose a top 3, but honestly this fashion week blew my socks off! So here is my top 4 in no particular order.

Calvin Klein’s Rubber Dress

New York Fashion Week, Calvin Klein, SS18
Calvin Klein American Dream x American Horror, Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week.

This dress for me was the show stopper in the entire collection. There is something sinister yet alluring about it, it’s beautiful and ugly. Meaning the brand really managed to capture their concept of the American Dream and American Horror, through illustrating thriller heroines, heroes, and antiheroes. In this case, Uma Therman in Kill Bill with her yellow two pieces, and the long latex gloves from the anti heroine in the chilling, Audition.

Philipp Plein’s ‘Good Gone Bad.’

Philipp Plein, SS18, Jasmine Sanders
Philipp Plein ‘Good Gone Bad’ Spring 2018, New York Fashion Week.

Okay let’s be honest apart from Cinderella being gagged, and tied up as a graphic on the shirts, Plein killed this concept. The fairytale yet romantic essence from the Rapunzel inspired plait, contrasts beautifully with the smokey eye and winged eyeliner. The colour and material choices for his collection, was beyond complimentary. Ranging from white to black, to satin to leather straps. The connotations are juxtaposed to perfection. It truly captured ‘Good Gone Bad.’

Suit Royalty: Tom Ford

Tom Ford, SS18, Joan Smalls
Tom Ford, Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week.
Tom Ford, SS18
Tom Ford, Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week.


Tom Ford, SS18
Tom Ford, Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week.

Tom Ford’s spring collection left me breathless. There wasn’t one item where I didn’t gasp or ooh. The man is known for his signature suits, but the leather coat and pink velvet blazer were the stars of the show. He also knows how to make a garment ooze with sexual appeal, yet remain elegant and soft. The plunge front jumpsuit and velvet pink blazer was by far my favourite combination, and those pink hues on dark skin ahh! I’m in awe.

Fenty x Puma’s Extreme Spring

Fenty x Puma, SS18, Rihanna
Fenty x Puma, Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week.
Fenty x Puma, SS18, Fenty
Fenty x Puma, Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week.
Fenty x Puma, SS18, Fenty, Adwoa Aboah
Fenty x Puma, Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week.

So, Rihanna didn’t let us catch our breathes. After taking us by storm with Fenty Beauty, she had us at the edge of our seats with her X Games inspired collection. The show opened with a trio of daredevil stuntman doing 360 degree stunts with their motorbikes, over the pink millennial mountains. Talk about hinting. The collection was not only daring, but innovative. Dare I say it added longevity to athleisure? Yes, Yes, Yes. She gave a fresh perspective to say the least. And let’s not forget her footwear. Erm high heeled flip flops, Neon creepers, patent mules! It’s all so exciting.

So, what’s going to be trending?

I think it is safe to say, that smart wear is so in, especially suits. During the runway and on streets the suit dominated. Hence why there will be an entire article on how to achieve the look, with a dash of autumnessss.

Okay, so we talked about athleisure right? Take a look at Alexander Wang’s take.

SS18, Alexander Wang, Atheleisure
Alexander Wang, Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week.

I genuinely think Alexander Wang is on to something here. The blazer and Adidas skort, along with the tracksuit jacket paired up with a pinstripe shirt dress is quite refreshing. Meaning more styles to add to athleisure, it’s no longer about paring running leggings with a graphic tee, and some air maxes, the trend is evolving.

From floral mesh to transparency, I’m praying retail fashion gets the hint and upgrades.

SS18, Victoria Beckham, New York Fashion Week
Victoria Beckham, Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week.


SS18, Prabal Gurung, Bella Hadid
Prabal Gurung, Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week.

I’m praying transparency makes it way to retail for spring/summer next year. They were some hints this year with the mesh dress, but I do hope retail takes it to this level. Using delicate fabrics like gossamer to achieve the romantic feel. Hopefully without any floral.

The Overall Jumpsuit is a must!

SS18, trend report
From left, Tibi, A Détacher, Tibi, Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week.

The loose fit of this jumpsuit is so chic, yet promotes comfort. A great city outfit, that can be dressed up with heeled sandals or boots, or dressed down with trainers and since bold platform trainers are in, that would be quite a combination.

And finally, what’s your wish item from the spring collection 2018? Mine is the Yeezy PVC high knee boots. Hopefully online retailers like public desire we’ll get on the wagon, and help a girl out.

Kanye west, high knee boots, Yeezy, SS18
Yeezy, Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week.

So what’s the verdict for New York Fashion Week Spring 2018?

Two words.

Experimental and progressive.




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